Bento API

Getting Started

Welcome to the developer documentation.
Hey there! We've only just began re-doing all our docs for the launch of our new API endpoints. We know we have a long way to go. In the meantime, if you have any questions please hit our team up on live chat. We're here to help and serve you.

Planning your integration

Sweet! You're building an integration with Bento. We're thrilled that you want to add-on to our platform. But before you dive in and start slinging code, let's talk about the best way to integrate with Bento.
How you setup your integration depends on what type of provider you are.
Let's run through a few examples:
  • Email Capture. If your product is mostly for capturing new subscribers then you should integrate with forms in Bento. Alternatively, you'll want to send us an event or create a new visitor.
  • E-Commerce. The most important thing for e-commerce customers is the ability to add a tag when a purchase is made. For the most part, you will want to create an event to handle this.
  • CRM syncing. If you want to sync Bento with other external apps or products. You will most likely be using the fetch endpoints for this.
  • Data enrichment. You want to pull Bento's data and enrich your own data sets. You'll want the fetch endpoint with a sprinkle of the experimental one for that.
If you aren't sure how best to structure your integration, just reach out to our team.
We'll be happy to help you design it.

Building a larger integration?

If you're working with a company that's building a large integration with Bento, you will need to use an integration key. This key will help us triaging, troubleshooting and diagnosing potential issues with integrations, ensuring that your integration works perfectly for your customers. Please contact support to get this key.
Last modified 2yr ago