[OLD] Bento on Zapier

Getting Events Into Bento

Adding events from other 3rd party systems into Bento is a fairly straight forward process. We've designed a minimal API endpoint specifically for folks who want to send us events via Zapier or other tools.

Using the power of auto-tagging you can really open up this feature to do some magic. Contact support for implementation help.


First, create a new Zap and choose a starting point. For this tutorial we are going to use Google Sheets.

This sheet simply contains a spreadsheet with an event type and email.

Once you have the first part all mapped out and a selection of data you want to send to Bento we need to actually send it over to us.

Choose "Webhooks by Zapier" as the next app and choose "POST" as the action event.

Next Zapier will ask you to customise this integration.

First, you will need to set a URL which will just be the following: URL: https://app.bentonow.com/tracking/zapier After that, you will provide values for site, email and type.

site is just your site's UUID which you can find by going to your site settings.

email is the name of the subscriber/contact and type is the name of the event (i.e "purchase", "order", "FormSubmission").

All other fields will be captured as a custom field (i.e first_name, last_name, company_name).

If you are sending a unique event (an event that can only occur once, like a purchase) then you may also add value (sum of money), currency (i.e USD), and unique_key (i.e invoice number or booking ID).

If you have are selling a single product like a course then also include a product_name field to capture that data to be searchable or useable in eCommerce filters.

Leave all the other settings in this Zap as default.

Once you're done, click "Done Editing", test it, and you're ready!