Based on the type of action they perform, your customers can be added to different sequences. Sequences are basically multi-email you automate to deliver messaging to customers that fulfill certain criteria. It’s simple - by applying a tag to a certain customer, that customer will become a part of the sequence created for that particular tag.

Let’s give you an example. A sequence can be customers who start the booking process without completing it. You just apply a tag to those customers who reach the results page, and create a sequence for this tag called “buying journey”. If a customer reaches a booking event, they’re automatically removed from this sequence. If, however, a customer doesn’t book, they’ll receive an email prompting them to complete their booking.

This simple email can be the reason why those customers who for whatever reason don’t book, complete their booking or ask for help if they’re stuck somewhere in the booking process.

Sequences are a great way to drive sales or offer your potential customers support in order to eventually convert them into loyal customers.