This is how you communicate with your customers and the place where you can find your email campaigns.

You can create a new broadcast by using the “calendar” option to schedule and build ad-hoc campaigns for a particular date, or by clicking on the “new broadcast” button. Then you’ll have to add a name, choose whether to use an already existing template or start from scratch, if you choose the latter select who you’d like to target for this campaign by using segments, rules, and tags, and finally choose exactly how and when you’d like to have it sent.

You can send broadcasts to all of your subscribers, or specific segments of customers. For a more personalized marketing, we recommend choosing the latter to deliver meaningful content to your subscribers.

After all, this is what Bento is for – understanding who your customers are and what they like, so that you can tailor your content and overall approach accordingly. This type of targeted marketing results in higher engagement, a stronger and more trustworthy brand, and a better relationship with your customers.