How to identify a visitor

In Bento, we center everything around people.People make actions, people pay for things, people answer customer support tickets and people see your marketing. A person can be one of four things:

  • A subscriber: someone who we have an email for, but has not unsubscribed.

  • An unsubscriber: someone who we have an email for, but has unsubscribed or we’ve unsubscribed them automatically.

  • A customer: someone who we have an email for, and has an LTV greater than $0.

  • An anonymous visitor: someone who we do not have an email for and do not know their identity.

As you might have noticed above, the key variable we use is an email to string people together. This helps greatly with record and event consolidation — which improves our accuracy in reporting, analytics and accuracy. You can identify someone using one simple line of Javascript:


If you have a website with contact forms or login forms we will automatically scan them for successful submissions and identify them that way. If you are integrated with Shopify or Stripe, we can also identify them through there too.Once we have that email, a lot of magic happens.

Say for instance, someone enters a giveaway and then 6 months later buys from you. We'll consolidate those records, using the email as the identifier. This means you can track the customer journey over the long term and truly know which marketing is having an impact.

So when you're thinking about your marketing always be thinking: how can I collect and identify my visitors as quickly as possible.When you figure that out, all your marketing becomes a-lot easier — and you can be more confident with your campaigns.


If you have a visitor browsing on mobile and then later opens their desktop to complete the order Bento will not be able to track across those different devices. You can solve this issue of tracking and consolidation by ensuring that you capture an email as quickly as possible.

The minute a visitor is consolidated we'll forward all events to the oldest visitor. Their status in email sequences, tag profile, ads list and more will all be perfectly synced instantly.